VRay for Rhinoceros is a powerful rendering plugin for all artists and designers. It is a cost efficient and quick way to handle your biggest projects and your most detailed scenes.

VRay for Rhino comes with all the lighting, shading, and rendering tools needed to create professional, photoreal imagery. without interruption. Work faster and in control with VRay for Rhino’s smart integration so your workflow is fluid and smooth.
vray for rhinoceros

Vray for Rhinoceros Features:

  • Powerful Rendering – Render high-quality, photorealistic images with V-Ray for Rhino’s powerful lighting, shading, and rendering tools.
  • Interactive GPU and CPU Rendering – Be in control while rendering. Fine tune lights and materials interactively while you render.
  • Global Illumination – Create photorealistic interiors with ray traced and hybrid global illumination methods.
  • Light Accuracy – Select from a wide range of light types, shapes and controls to render natural and artificial lighting.
  • Environment Lighting – Render light scenes with a single high-dynamic-range (HDR) environment image.
  • Physical Sun and Sky – Simulate realistic daylight scenarios for any time and any location.
  • Real World Camera – Work like a photographer with real-world camera controls for exposure, white balance, depth of field and more.
  • Physical Materials – Create great looking materials that look exactly like the real thing.
  • Proxy Objects – Add highly-detailed models like grass, trees and cars as V-Ray proxy objects.
  • Distributed Rendering – Use the full power of multiple computers working together to render a single image.

Vray for Rhinoceros Quick Start Guide

Learn how to create beautiful V-Ray for Rhino renderings quickly and easily.