VRay for Rhino Render Farm

V-Ray for Rhino Cloud Render Farms

List of online render farms offering Vray for Rhino rendering services.
Revup Render Farm
Pricing : 71 cent per GHz/h
Power : 1000 nodes x 28 cores x 2.90 GHz = 81,200 GHz

Render Farm Plugins

  • Afterburn
  • Archvision RPC
  • CarbonScatterForestPack
  • ForestPackPro
  • FumeFX
  • glu3DKrakatoa
  • Multiscatter
  • Optical FlaresPhoenixFD
  • QuadChamfer
  • RailCloneRealflow
  • RedGiantSuites
  • RichDirt2ThinkingParticles
  • Transform
  • TurbulenceFDvRayScatter
RevUp Render specializes in GPU Cloud Rendering and is a pioneer in cloud computing. Their unique technology can run any 3d modeling software, rendering engine, and plug-ins in their cloud. They provide an automated 24/7 dedicated cloud rendering platform and provide their users access to a full Microsoft Windows desktop environment to work with so it is just like working locally but with massive compute power! The RevUp Render Cloud gives the largest CPU and GPU power available.
GarageFarm Render Farm
Pricing :$0.004/Ghz /hour, the lowest prices available
Power :4,000 CPU cores, 32 - 64 GB RAM

Render Farm Plugins

  • Alshaders
  • PhoenixFD
  • Yeti
  • ThinkingParticles
  • ForestPackPro
  • RailClone
  • emReader
  • PSDManager
  • Shave and a Haircut
  • Floor Generator and Multi Texture
  • Anima 2
The render farm is giving a $50 free credits when new users register to their website. GarageFarm also claims to have the lowest prices on the market, 24/7 support via email/webchat/phone. All features are enabled, no watermarks used or subscriptions required.
ForRender Render Farm
Pricing :0.0075$ per GHz/hour
Power :3780 GHz

Render Farm Plugins

  • CarbonScatter
  • ForestPack
  • ForestPackPro
  • FumeFX
  • Multiscatter
  • Optical FlaresPhoenixFD
  • RailClone
  • Realflow
  • ThinkingParticles
  • TurbulenceFD
  • vRayScatter
ForRender provides quality and operational services render farm with a maximum capacity of 3,780 GHz. The power of one server 84 GHz. The starting price of $ 0.0075 per 1 GHz/hour

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